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Businesses play the largest role in allocating resources in society. They employ people, they invest in communities, they innovate and progress our world further. I often describe myself as a social entrepreneur because I believe that business is the best tool of bringing about positive change - from our battle to normalise anti-racism to our collective effort to build resiliency against climate change. 

Here are the businesses I have developed and am developing. 

To collaborate/ invest/ or find out more

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Sancho's is an ethical brand and retailer. We believe in the power of conscious consumption to drive sustainable practises in businesses. We carry clothing, gifts and accessories from brands that meet the following criteria. 

  1. Transparent fair trade

  2. Ecological materials 

  3. Quality design 

Discover more about Sancho's and read the blog at

Clothing Rack


SHWAP is a circular fashion app that will enable customers and brands to resale items indefinitely.

We are currently raising £300,000 to develop our platform, closing on the final £100,000. 

Find out more about Shwap here 

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My work here ranges from consulting 

organisations ranging from Santander UK, Devon County Coucil, Salesforce and a number of SME's on how to adopt sustainability and anti-racism goals into organisational strategy. To providing insight into how their work effects marginalised communities. 

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