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"Anti-Racism & The Met Office"

" As part of Black History Month, the BAME Network invited Kalkidan to present a talk and introduce colleagues to anti-racism. Kalkidan’s talk was powerful and engaging as she unwrapped the multiple layers of racism through the teaching of intersectionality and effective allyship. As a scientific organisation, it is important for colleagues to understand the steps to take to be actively anti-racist in their work and Kalkidan was able to deliver this through explaining intersectionality in environmentalism. The question and answer session was a testament to Kalkidan’s excellent talk as colleagues engaged in informative discussions on how they and the organisation can do better in being actively anti-racist. Kalkidan received excellent feedback from colleagues with many asking if she will be able to offer more talks in the future. Thank you."
- Misha Khan



"Leading As A Woman of Colour, Tools for Resiliency"

"Kalkidan’s presentation and workshop on ‘Leading as a Woman of Colour' for Women Leaders South West was excellent, and exactly what we were looking for. She facilitated the Zoom event brilliantly, and her tips, plans of action and methods made active planning for leadership accessible to everyone there. The mood of the room was so joyful at the end, and feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. Thank you Kalkidan!"
- Katherine Stevens

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